Stacy (given name)

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Pronunciation/ˈsts/ STAY-see
Meaning"Bountiful grain"
Other names
Alternative spellingStaci, Stacie, Steacy, or Stacy
Nickname(s)Stace, Stac, Sta
Related namesEustachius, Anastasia, Eustacia, Stasha, Stasia

Stacy, sometimes spelled Stacey, Staci, Staecy, or Stacie, is a common unisex first name for women, and occasionally men. The most common male spelling is "Stacy".

In Greece, the feminine name Stacy is pronounced as Anastasia.

Baby-naming guides cite two English derivations of Greek origins; Anastasia meaning "resurrection" for girls, and Eustace (Eustachios) meaning "bountiful grain" for boys.[1]

Stacy, Stacey, Stacie or Staci may also refer to:

Notable male people with the name Stacy[edit]

Notable female people with the name Stacy[edit]

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